digital marketing

Digital Marketing

We create campaigns that deliver outstanding results by integrating message, medium and measurement. Be it social media or search engine, we deliver the biggest market possibilities.



Leveraging the print and broadcast experience of our accomplished team, we combine our digital expertise to plan, acquire and create campaigns that work across all mediums.

Public Relation company

Public Relations

Communication is essential to carry the brand’s message and it is imperative that external communications be handled with care.



We handcraft experiences for varying sets of audiences be it personal, corporate or social and can assist with every step of the process.


At Shriyans Media, we believe that marketing is not just some plain pattern rather a vast space to recreate imaginations, ideas and thoughts. We are more dedicated towards optimising channels where customers are earned and not merely bought.  Our teams comprise of established and celebrated professionals from digital and print media, marketing and events forum. We are lean and result oriented firm that stays updated about all new trends in the market and designs ultimate content and strategy for their clients.

Well, in brief “Get heard, be seen” !

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What Make us
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Digital Marketing Company

Shriyans has evolved as an industry leader for digital marketing through its groundbreaking strategies and eccentric business approaches. The unique synergy that distinguishes us from others is our work culture and market expertise. Shriyans functions with a team creative individual dedicated to providing state of art services. With years of market experience, progressive thinking, and exceptionally designed strategies, we know how to build great brands and marketing digital campaigns. We always adhere to the latest trends of the time that helps our clients to fetch maximum engagements and investments staying step ahead of their competitors.

Lead Generation

Lead generation

We definitely shorten the sales cycle, which means you directly communicate with the converted leads.


Increase Traffic

We work on user links to make relevant and relatable according to the user’s search terms so that you get meaningful traffic for you.

Brand Visibility

Brand Visibility

We create action of calling out public attention to an idea, good or service through paid announcements.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

We provide accurate statistics and real-time analysis that help you to understand the market better.



Corporate Events

Shriyans offers best-in-class services for corporate events and event management. Our highly skilled and experienced team works with you to plan and organise the event with unparalleled results right down to the last detail. We aim at providing a hassle-free experience at best prices without compromising the output. Our events are well managed and budgeted with the best vendors for seamless services. We promise you the best arrangements and complete customer satisfaction.

Event management

Social Events

Social events are the welfare or entrainment programme for people generally planned, organised and managed by an organisation. These events are one of the best ways to establish Business-to-Consumer connections(B2C) through activities and networking. Social events are a great way to highlight a company’s work culture and core values. Potential customers and skilled workforce are driven towards the company where they are valued. We help you to plan and organise such social events which encourage maximum interactions and positive opinions about your company.

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