Bulk SMS Sending

Bulk SMS services are the strategy of dissemination of messages to a large number of people at a time through a systematic procedure. This large number of people includes the target group. The messages can be sent by the enterprise, company, banks, and others for the marketing purpose. The different company sends SMS for different purposes, which may be promotional, transactional, informational, entertainment, reminders, alerts and many more.

This medium is one of the cheapest sources for marketing. There are no chances of any bounces in sending bulk SMS, the customer receives the messages whenever they switch on the phone. There is no different point in that Bulk SMS service is not only a cost-effective marketing technique, but it is also influential in targeting numerous clients in a very simple way.

The SMS can be used as a major tool for business as it has high opening rates. Whenever the message pops up on the mobile phone, then there is a higher chance that it will be opened. In the bulk SMS also there is personalization involved in it. Personalization can be based on the customer’s previous buying behavior, experience, feedback.

Bulk SMS can also be helpful when you launch a new product or service and also when you have to announce an event.

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Our services include:

  • Reach Targeted audience
  • Multi-language SMS
  • Unmatched delivery rates/speeds
  • Manage Delivery Reports
  • Schedule your SMS
  • Personalized Messages
  • Sender Identification
  • Flash Message
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What Shriyans does in Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS strategy should be used by the companies as it is cost-effective and generates higher revenue. We at Shriyans, understand your strategy behind the message so we draft and strategize it according to your needs and goals.

When the loyal customers are kept updated and in the loop, it gives them a sense of importance and builds goodwill. Our team will meet all your targets and keep the customers in the loop and help to retain them.

Bulk SMS services are very much helpful for the start-ups for the promotion. As when you are new in the market, the attention of the audience is required. Shriyans, will design the message as per your demand and provide the strategies about the services.