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Best PR Agency in Bhubaneswar, Odisha | Shriyans Media

There is a very popular quote by Brendan Behan– “There is no such thing called Bad publicity except your own obituary” but, sometimes the only thing worse than no PR is bad PR. So what exactly is bad PR and how can it affect your business? Bad PR is nothing but random actions or goals set for a company/organization without any underlying plan, strategy or purpose. What bad PR does is, despite having goals in one direction, propels the client/company in the opposite direction affecting the business drastically. Shriyans media has been a Top PR agency in Odisha for years holding many accolades to its name of driving businesses to new heights. Our insights show that Public Relations if not managed properly can go the other way around hampering reputation.

Bad PR is very random and a sheer waste of money. A badly written press release, a pointless case study, half-baked social media content lacking details, unplanned product launches and etc. can hurt a brand’s name that is just starting out. Already existing brands can also be hit by negative publicity if not paid enough attention as any bad PR can create bad impressions for the customers. Always remember having no image is still better than a bad image. On the other side, Good PR is worth more than money. Good PR takes time but begins by establishing a brand’s name through numerous mediums. Good PR is setting legitimate goals, crafting influential content, utilizing every single online/offline medium and most importantly not missing out on any opportunity.  A good PR firm always looks out for opportunities and occasions that can offer engagements, publicity and potential deals.

As a top PR agency in Odisha, we strive to project a positive image for our clients, building an early reputation at the start of business. Shriyans’ best in class PR services helps your brand to find a voice, build an audience and drive sales without spending all of your money on advertising. We understand that Good PR is nothing being proactive; hence we design strategies and media campaigns much ahead of the curve in order to gain an advantage over the competition and facilitate smooth branding. Start growing your business today by reaching out at info@shriyansmedia.com or give us a call on +91-84808 92191 & +91-76060 11071.


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