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Best PR Company in Bhubaneswar - Shriyans

Best PR Company in Bhubaneswar

Tell us if you’ve heard this – “Advertising is what you pay for; publicity is what you pray for.” Sounds familiar right? One of the most quoted lines in the PR industry but why? Why PR is so important when you already have a brilliant product that can literally sell itself? Is it over hyped? Let’s find out, the answer is easy but not very ‘common’. For short – PR is not about marketing and sales, it’s about what comes after that.

Public relations is the practice of building a positive relationship with an audience or public through unpaid or paid modes of communication like print media, social media, news or in-person engagements. PR is all about cementing relationships with the existing customers to build brand value.

A good PR -> happy existing customers -> mouth of word -> branding -> new potential customers

That is how PR works in layman terms. A good PR company will not only give you the voice to reach more and more people but also will defend you at the time of adversity. As one of the best PR company in Bhubaneswar, Shriyans researches, analyzes and evaluates the public opinions for a brand to strategically design PR engagements. We help in creating and executing special events designed for public outreach and media relations. Our team conducts groundbreaking market research to achieve the best possible ways of addressing the public or reaching out. Our services also include writing speeches and pitches that can be sent directly to media houses, copywriting and blogging, social media promotions, expansion of business contacts via personal networking and a lot more.

Many popular marketers and entrepreneurs have talked about the value of empathy in business. The feeling of being important to a brand builds good relationships with customers. Likewise, good relationships in businesses drive revenue thorough people. A good PR always bridges the gap between a customer and a company leveraging the product.


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