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Building-SEO-Backlinks: Best SEO Company in Bhubaneswar

In the early days of Google’s ranking algorithm, it was all about the content. The great your content s, the higher you get to rank but that is NOT the same anymore. It may sound a little absurd but only producing good content won’t get you more views thanks to the ever-changing Google algorithm. Andrey Lipattsev, Product Manager (Search interactions) recently revealed that Links, Content and Rank Brain (Google’s Machine Learning AI system to process search results) are TOP three factors that determine website rankings on the search page. Hence, only tracking the popular keywords for SEO doesn’t do the job if your content lacks credible links. Shriyans is a fully-fledged digital marketing company in Odisha that holds years of experience and expertise in content and marketing business. Using the present-day insights, we will take a look at how backlinks are important for ranking in search results.

Now, what are Backlinks? It’s No Rocket Science. Backlinks are the inbound links that are created to link one website to another in a content piece. For example, the underlined line you’re reading right now is a backlink; it links to another website (which you must check out if you want to know the secrets to a good and healthy life!). Anyway coming back to backlinks, Why Google treats backlinks so importantly than anything else? It’s because these links are nothing but votes from other websites and each of these votes proves the authenticity, credibility and usefulness of the content. But again, this doesn’t mean that the more backlinks you have to make your content more valuable.

As one of the leading digital marketing companies in Odisha, we ran multiple surveys and found that it’s quality over quantity.  If a more popular and established website links your website then chances are, you hit a better chance of ranking higher in comparison to 10 backlinks for average websites. Google puts a lot of weight on the websites which get backlinks from authentic sources, popular publications and diverse citations. The bottom line is if you craft great content and it gets recognized by credible sources you can get surplus organic reach without spending a single penny! If you write good content and want to know how to get maximum backlinks in a short time, get in touch today! Click here to know more. 



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