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How to Overcome PR Challenges When You’re Just Starting Out

By December 19, 2019 No Comments

When you’re just starting out with your business, you face a lot of challenges building your brand. Start-ups against big corporations don’t have enough capital to push their products into the market and are limited to possibilities. Today, almost “every company is a tech company”, right? I mean 9/10 NASDAQ 100 are in tech. 30 under 30, 25 under 25 Forbes list are also dominated by tech CEOs. So just adding “technology” to PR should the job.  But is it so? Shriyans media has been operating as one of the best PR companies in Bhubaneswar and we know that just pivoting on technology isn’t enough.

The PR playbook varies differently for start-ups vs. established and recognized companies. Good PR is not doing what’s working for everybody, but figuring out your own unique voice is. Right stories told at the right time through right mediums can bring powerful and valuable attention to your company far in excess of what you intend to spend on advertising. As a start-up the best thing you can do is play offense, meaning doing something out of the box to get attention. It could be a press-meet, a breakthrough story or even a social media campaign, good PR will help you to reach your target audience. One of the great lessons will be finding the shortcomings of your competitors and filling those gaps with the required services. In addition to taking risks, start-ups can also take advantage of their small sizes. As a new business, you are more flexible adhering to changes instantly which big corporations constrained by bureaucracies and partners can’t do. Another challenge in PR could be tech lash or technology backlash, people complain about monopoly, growing used of technology in services, manipulation and excessive advertising which could harm your reputation even if you’re new to the market. Having a PR team by your side could prevent you from violations or negative publicity.

PR is a brand-building exercise designed carefully to enhance your brand image. At Shriyans media, we bring you the best tools you need to set up your business. As the best PR company in Bhubaneswar, we want to you concentrate on your craft while we build your unique brand voice.

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